Turtle Castle

Our condo is located in a quiet, small complex near the center of the island.  This makes it quite convenient to, well, everything.  Overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound, with a private beach, and minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico sandy White Beaches, this unit is a wonderful place to take your family to get away from it all for a while.

Why Turtle Castle?

The name actually came from my five year old daughter and just stuck with the family.  Pensacola Beach is well know for its Sea Turtles.  The turtle, who has been around for over 200 million years, provides an important role in the coastal ecosystem.  Unfortunately, most of the sea turtles you will find on Pensacola Beach are endangered, some to a critical point.  So, as you stay with us, be sure to leave only your footprints on the beaches and do not disturb these creatures.  Hopefully you will leave with a better appreciation of our wildlife and enjoy your experience with them as part of your world.

Why Pensacola Beach?

Pensacola Beach has always been my favorite beach. Ever since I was a child, I vacationed with my family annually in the Pensacola Beach area and just cannot get enough of it. There are many things to do if you want. Or, you can just relax, enjoy the sound or beach and get away from the troubles of life for a while. It's my hope that by sharing this home with you, you will have an opportunity to share some of these same experiences with your family and make lasting memories.

Look below for just a few pictures of the condo and surrounding area.