Pre-SIHH 2019, Rolex Day Date Replica builds on its Master Ultra Thin Collection

Rolex Day Date Replica

Rolex Day Date Replica's focus will be on the Master Ultra Thin line for the SIHH 2019 fair. As an intermediary between Rolex Day Date Replica's technical crafts and high arts, the Master Ultra Thin collection has been a constant. The Maison will introduce a watch that represents rolex sky-dweller replica the Art of Precision in 2019, the Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel.

The Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel is a unique addition to the watch's front. A superior calibre 925/2 movement inside delivers improved performance. This watch blends both of these elements into an elegant, refined design. The dial is hand-guillotched and enhanced with blue translucent enamel. The hour markers flow with the angles of the guilloche dial. A new polished moon displays the moon phase function at six o’clock on the secondary dial. Alsosengraved is the counter, which has a moon-like texture and a ring around date display. The calibre 925 is housed in a thin case. This automatic calibre has a 70-hour power reserve.breitling chronomat b01 gmt replica Rolex Day Date Replica explains that "In accordance with the continuing mission of Rolex Day Date Replica, we are improving our calibres, and their characteristics, and we are introducing technical improvement in both the regulating organs, and in the power reserve barrels."

Calibre 925/2

Two crafts are possible with the new Ultra Thin Moon Enamel: guillochage or enamelling. This dial features a sunray guilloche dial with navy blue translucent enamel. It is rose-engine-turned. Because the rose engine turning is an art form, many of the lathes used to create these intricate patterns are over 100 years old and few are still in good working order, it's a rare art. It is highly valued because of the mesmerizing visual effect it creates when light reflects off the surface.

It is doubly difficult when you combine it with enamelling on a dial. In 1999, Rolex Day Date Replica added enamelling as an art form. This craft is only practiced by a handful of artisans within Rolex Day Date Replica. To ensure the enamel is applied evenly over the dial of the guilloche, it takes a lot of concentration. The material must then be heated to harden it.Rolex Day Date Replica This process must be repeated several times to get the gorgeous navy blue. Translucent enamel lets light through, which allows the dial's style and polish to shine through.

Rolex Day Date Replica Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel

This watch will be limited to 100 copies. The fair will also see the release of two other models from the Ultra Thin range -- keep checking our SIHH coverage over the next week.