Pre-SIHH 2019: Panerai Submersible rolex sea-dweller replica Edition PAM00982

rolex sea-dweller replica

Many of us were in swimming pools as children. One common challenge people enjoy is the time it takes to hold one's breath underwater. Although I don't know what my record is, I can tell you that I have never managed to hold my breath underwater for more than one minute. I'm not your typical land-dwellingbipedal mammal.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are people like Guillaume Nery who we can confidently call the real Aquaman. He is well-known for breaking freediving French records and World records throughout his career. He was twice a World champion and set four world weight-freediving records. Constant weight-freediving is the most popular freediving discipline.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches It requires that the diver descend and ascend only with the fins attached at his feet. In one breath. To get a better understanding of the superhuman abilities of Nery, I recommend you watching some of his videos on Youtube.

Guillaume is now far removed from deep freediving competitions and spends his time traveling the globe to capture amazing underwater images and films. In 2015, Guillaume set a freediving record of diving to 126m. To commemorate this achievement, Panerai created a dive watch named after him. The Panerai Submersible rolex sea-dweller replica Edition is the brand's preSIHH 2019 announcement.

Panerai created an extreme diver watch that is perfect for Nery, a freediver like Nery. Panerai Submersible rolex sea-dweller replica Edition (or PAM00982) combines technical performance with a remarkably strong, sporty outlook.

The watch is a professional diving watch, and it is water-resistant up to 300m (30 bars). It also has a blue ceramic unidirectional bezel.

The bezel is matched by the rubber strap and hands in the same color,rolex sea-dweller replica which contrasts beautifully with the dial's shark grey texture. The watch's dial features large white lume plots and markers that allow for easy time-reading even in dark dive conditions.

The titanium case, which is 47mm in diameter, is light and lightweight. Guillaume Nery's signature is embossed on the back, along with a rendering from his jaw-dropping record. You also get a flyback chronograph complications powered by Panerai’s P.9100 auto caliber with a 3-Day reserve.



Auto-winding P.9100 calibre, hours, minutes and small seconds;Audemars Piguet Replica Watches flyback chronograph reset with seconds reset; 72-hour reserve of power derived from two barrels


47mm in titanium; bezel made of titanium with blue ceramic insert; water resistant to 30m